Components for the upcoming Dig Down Dwarf Kickstarter




Above is the picture I will be using to show the components for Dig Down Dwarf. I thought I would go over them quickly here first:

37 Gems – 1 diamond, 4 emeralds, 8 sapphires, 14 amethysts, & 10 cursite

4 Dice – 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, & 1 purple

4 Dwarf Cards – These optional cards add a bit more strategy and depth to the game

1 Jumbo Reference Card

1 Grey Drawstring Bag

3 Instruction Cards

We Have Updated the Site!



Welcome to the new site! I hope you enjoy the changes!

First, I wanted to make the site a bit easier to navigate so I streamlined the site and simplified everything. It is important to me that everyone can find exactly what it is that they are looking for with ease and this new cleaner design does just that.

Second, I wanted to dedicate the front page as a place to connect with fans. I will be posting all Grey Gnome Games news here and I welcome you to subscribe to the site. Thanks!

So what is on the site?

We now have just 5 pages including Home, Our Games, Coming Soon, Downloads, and About Us. Let’s discuss briefly the purpose of each.

Home This is the main page and will be the new feed for the site. All release info, events, contests, and more will be posted here.

Our Games Use the pull down tab under Our Games to discover all the games that Grey Gnome Games has published.

Coming Soon Here I will post pictures and info on games in development so you can follow along with the process.

Downloads This is the place to go if you want to download rules to one of our games or print and play files.

About Us On this page you can learn a bit about the history of Grey Gnome Games and you can gather our contact info.

Thanks again for stopping by!