Grey Gnome at Protospiel Milwaukee


Grey Gnome Games will be at Protospiel Milwaukee this upcoming weekend. I plan on being there all day Saturday and leave around noon on Sunday. If you are going I look forward to hanging out. If you are not, but are in the Milwaukee area, I encourage you to stop in. Publishers, Designers, and Playtesters are welcome! If you simply want to sit and play some awesome games before they hit store shelves and you would like to meet some of the people in the industry, I can think of no better place to do so. Very casual and fun!

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2014 A Year in Review

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years Eve! 2014 was a big year for us here at Grey Gnome Games with the releases of 4 games including Tasnia, Neptune, Four Tribes, and Dig Down Dwarf!

This year we shipped over 3500 packages and 5000 games to well over 100 different countries all over the world! That is staggering for me to grasp, but I am truly humbled.


All four of our releases this year are doing quite well. Dig Down Dwarf went from winning the Micro Game Challenge early in the year, to raising more than $50,000 on Kickstarter, and then on to 2500 units being manufactured! We are now just finishing up the shipping to backers. What a journey for just a single game.

Four Tribes launched in January and was delivered to backers in August and on time. Four Tribes has been very well received and now holds a 7.82 rating on BGG.

Tasnia and Neptune both have done quite well and we are down to our last few dozen units of each! Once those are sold, we will explore the next chapters in these games’ life. Likely, we will update some rules and re-release them directly through The Game Crafter.

faceb2014 also saw us launch the Kickstarter for Of Dungeons Deep! This was the first game we launched in which I hired an outside artist and Derek Bacon did an amazing job! Of Dungeons Deep! is scheduled to hit US shores in April/May and has already been enjoyed by many! I already have plans for an expansion that will include a new Hero and Henchman and some new distractions in the dungeon! SCARY!

So what will 2015 hold for Grey Gnome Games?

The first order of business is to complete the fulfillment of Dig Down Dwarf. Once shipping is complete, we will focus on finishing up the details on Of Dungeons Deep! and get that game into the manufacturing phase. Once that ball is rolling, we will be able to focus on future titles!

tbox2The first game that we will be launching on Kickstarter this year will be Trainmaker. This will mark the first time we have signed a designer outside of myself and will be the second game in our “Small Box Series”. Dig Down Dwarf marks our first game in the series and all games will come in a solid and compact box for easy travel and storage. The boxes will all measure 5x5x1″ I.D. Trainmaker was designed by Chris Leder. Chris is a rising star with his smash hit Roll For It! published by Calliope Games and City of Gears, that will be published by Arcane Wonders and will be the second game in the Dice Tower Essentials Collection that now includes The Sheriff of Nottingham.

Chris is a good friend and lives about 20 minutes away from me, so the signing was a no-brainer. We are getting together quite often to put the final touches on the game, and many cool new additions have been made! Look for Trainmaker to hit Kickstarter in March/April.

0000000000-sdgfwbfI also have plans to launch yet another addition to the “Small Box Series”. This will be the game Virgin Seas. Virgin Seas is a quick playing area-control game where players take turns placing cards tactically in order to secure their hold on neutral island cards, that the players themselves place during the course of the game. There are many different types of war ships and other special cards like, Pirates, Fortresses, and Mercenaries!

Besides releasing games I also have plans to head out to both the Milwaukee and Michigan Protospiels again this year. If you have never been to a Protospiel, I highly recommend them! You do not need to be a designer to attend and you get to playtest dozens of great games in their early form. Your input as a player is listened to and you can help a designer/publisher make critical changes to their design. It is also simply a fun time to interact with friends and meat new people. Often there are 5-10 different publishers on hand looking for new games as well.

Milw2013Spring2I will also be looking to head to GenCon this year as well. Details are still fuzzy as to what extent Grey Gnome Games will be there. Still debating purchasing a booth or not. Should I work or hang out and have fun? Tough choices….

In any case 2015 will likely see fewer releases from Grey Gnome Games. I am planning on just the two for now. Instead I will be more focused on producing even better products and on releasing smaller expansions for existing games. I want to release a few of these directly through The Game Crafter. One will be for Four Tribes and another for Zogar’s Gaze. Tasnia and Neptune will likely also sell out soon in their KS form, and I will look to “retire” them with updated releases on The Game Crafter as well. This will require some retooling in some cases, but I look forward to updating both of these games!

1011100_757591334268269_853897152_nLastly, I want to spend a bit more time adding content to my other side project Indie Conquest. IC is a live site that is geared towards helping indie game designers and already has a vast list of resources including list of Manufacturers, Publishers, Game Reviewers, and lots of other needed items. It also hosts reviews from David Taylor of indie games and other informative articles about Kickstarter, Self-Publishing, Game Mechanics, and more. Basically, I want to commit to writing an article a month about my experiences with Kickstarter and growing into a Board Game Publisher.

Well, that is about it. I hope everyone had a great 2014, and I am excited for what will be 2015.