Welcome to the new site!

FullSizeRender (98)Hello and welcome to our new site here at Grey Gnome Games. My goal for this new format is to be able to post a lot more content in this blog format. This content will include news, articles, and designer & publisher blogs. My intent is to bring our fans closer to the inner-workings of how we go about business as a small board game publisher.

As some of you may know Grey Gnome Games is primarily a one-man operation. I wear many hats including designer, developer, marketer, researcher, and publisher. Heck, I am also the fulfillment center and the shipping & receiving department. I wanted a way to share all the gritty details of how I go about each process along the way, and this new site format will allow for that. I hope to touch on subjects like manufacturing, design, fulfillment, looking for games to publish, Kickstarter, and more.

12923134_989278021125686_3130829703134855150_nYou may also notice that we now have a new “Shoppe” page where you can see all of our games in one place. You can browse and make purchases here as well. We do not have a shopping cart feature, but you can always bundle purchases by adjusting your purchase amount to include all the items you want on the Paypal Checkout. Simply leave a comment in the notes to reflect which items you want. In the shoppe you will also see that we have added all of our gaming mats and a few promotional items in the Miscellaneous Section.

My plan is to also compile every review and tutorial video for our games on a separate page as well. That will likely be the next thing I tackle. So please have a look around!

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