The State of the Gnome Address

NEWGGGLOGO2As most of you may know, Grey Gnome Games is basically a one man operation and has been from day one. My goals for Grey Gnome from the beginning has been to design and publish my own games and it has served that function well. When I first opened Grey Gnome it was in the wake of the recession, when work slowed down in the construction field, the field I work in for my day job. Since then the economy has slowly picked up and I have been working steady for a few years now. Couple this with raising three kids and nurturing a sound marriage and my time has been completely consumed. This brings Grey Gnome to a crossroads.

Up until this point I have been running 2-3 Kickstarters a year. I have been handling all aspects of process from early playtesting, to development, to artwork and graphics, to securing manufacturing, and all the way to actually shipping every game to every backer. I am indeed a crazy man. This has meant that at any given moment during the past 5 years I have been developing a game, manufacturing another game, and likely shipping another, all at the same time. I am a bit burnt out.

z-promoBut there is light at the end of the tunnel. Soon I will be shipping out rewards from our last Kickstarter and I have no other games in manufacturing. I have a break! I certainly need the break and so does my family.

This got me to thinking about the future of Grey Gnome. I certainly do not want to close the doors, nor can I continue at this pace. A compromise is needed. My heart has always been into the designing aspect of the process and that is were I want to invest most of my time. Designing is flexible as far as time goes. I can spend an hour or two of free time working on a game and then walk away. The burden comes when I start the process of manufacturing and then the fulfillment. So I have a plan.

e7cbdc9f21b5beecf94f881daf0c7265_originalThere will be no more Kickstarters this year and moving forward Grey Gnome Games will only be running one Kickstarter a year for a single game. This will allow me to be completely focused on one game from start to finish. No more division of my time. I also plan on designing other games that I will either pitch to other publishers or that I will sell via The Game Crafter. Right now I am already selling Plague and Four Tribes on The Game Crafter as I love their service and their quality has vastly improved over the years.

In light of this big change and also due to the fact that we are approaching our sixth anniversary, I thought it was a cool idea to create a new logo for Grey Gnome Games! I came up with the design above. I mean, how could I go wrong with an actual grey gnome? So moving forward, all or games will be branded with this new logo.

logorenderI have also changed the site itself into more of a blog. You can still buy our games, but the focus now will be on my Designer’s Journals. This way people can follow the progress of my designs on a more personal level and can see how I make changes along the way. I also would love for people to subscribe and leave feedback and ideas.

I am very excited about the future of Grey Gnome Games. I think this extra focus on individual titles with equate to some fantastic games, so stay tuned and thanks for all of your support over the years and in the years to come.


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