Four Tribes Library Edition is Here!


The Library Edition of Four Tribes is now available! This is the second edition of the critically acclaimed game, but with a bunch of extras and a fantastic new study box that is twice the size of the old one!


0-4TlibraryWhat is new?

1) The box itself is 3 times thicker and twice as large as the previous box. It is amazing and is skinned in all-new artwork.

2) Six all-new winter village cards add a new challenge to the mix!

3) Fire expansion adds 6 all-new army cards that allow a player to burn any card in play!

4) Flood expansion adds 6 all-new army cards that allow a player the ability to wipe out a village!

5) Two additional long house cards, so each player can have a home for village elders they have gained.

6) The rule sheet has been replaced with a sixteen page full-color booklet.

7) All the plastic houses have been replaced with larger wooden ones.

What if I own the second edition already?

upgrade1I have also made an upgrade kit that includes just the new box, additional cards, and booklet. Here is a link to that.



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