0-Rise of the Troll King v3 colorWelcome to Doom Realm, a free to print and play roll & write adventure system! You are free to download the PDF files and play! Please be kind and do not take these files for your own personal gains. These are meant to be enjoyed by all for free!

In order to enjoy Doom Realm you will need to be able to print out an adventure sheet. Printing out the rule sheets would likely make things easier as well. In addition you will need to provide 4 six-sided dice (colors and size do not matter) and a pencil with an eraser. I also typically use a dice tray and make a cup a coffee first, but that is just me 🙂

The plan is to release new adventures from time to time, but feel free to use the system to create your own adventures. If you make a really nice one and send me a link I may just post here on the site.

Special thanks go to Mark Jindra and his amazing Pencils & Powers roll & write system that I borrowed from liberally in my design.

PLEASE record your plays on the Doom Realm Board Game Geek Page and leave a rating if you have a moment. Posting images and reviews will earn you Geek Gold!

Board Game Geek Page


Doom Realm Core Rules V1.2

A1 – Rise of the Troll King – B&W

A1 – Rise of the Troll King – Color

A2 – The Goblin & the Sleeping Dragon – B&W

A2 – The Goblin & the Sleeping Dragon – Color

A2 – Expanded Rules V1.1




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