$14.99 Dig Down Dwarf

$14.99 Dig Down Dwarf Game Mat

Dig Down Dwarf is a fast-paced dice game where each player takes on the role of a character vying for the empty throne in Black Mountain.

On your turn, you draw two random gems from the tin and place them on the table, adding to the mine. You then roll four six-sided dice. Gems require a certain number sequence in order to mine them; roll that sequence, and you can take all the gems of that type available in the mine! As the game progresses, more and more gems will be added to the table, giving players more choices as to which gems they want to try to gain. Sometimes you’ll need to press your luck in order to succeed! Failure to roll what is required is not a death sentence, as you will gain a relic card when this occurs. Relic cards will give you a scoring oportunity, or can be discarded for their one time use.

Each character is also unique in that they each gain bonus points for acquiring the most gems of a certain type. They also each have a unique persistant ability.

The game ends when no gems can be added to the mine and all players have had an equal number of turns. The player with the most valuable collection of gems will be crowned the new King of Black Mountain!


Mineshaft Mayhem Solo-Mode Download

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