Doom Realm

0-Rise of the Troll King v3 color

Welcome to Doom Realm, a free to print and play roll & write adventure system! You are free to download the PDF files and play! Please be kind and do not take these files for your own personal gains. These are meant to be enjoyed by all for free!

To learn more about Doom Realm please read my Designer’s Journal about the game HERE.


DLAxURtXkAUs7e2In order to enjoy Doom Realm you will need to be able to print out an adventure sheet. Printing out the rule sheets would likely make things easier as well. In addition you will need to provide 4 six-sided dice (colors and size do not matter) and a pencil with an eraser. I also typically use a dice tray and make a cup a coffee first, but that is just me πŸ™‚

The plan is to release new adventures from time to time, but feel free to use the system to create your own adventures. If you make a really nice one and send me a link I may just post here on the site.

Special thanks go to Mark Jindra and his amazing Pencils & Powers roll & write system that I borrowed from liberally in my design.

NOTE: This is a work in so I am hoping to get some feedback from players. Please feel free to leave comments below with your thoughts and ideas. Also if you catch a grammar issue let me know. Thanks!

PLEASE record your plays on the Doom Realm Board Game Geek Page and leave a rating if you have a moment. Posting images and reviews will earn you Geek Gold!

Board Game Geek Page Link



Download Files

Doom Realm Core Rules V1.2

A1 – Rise of the Troll King – B&W

A1 – Rise of the Troll King – Color

A2 – The Goblin & the Sleeping Dragon – B&W

A2 – The Goblin & the Sleeping Dragon – Color

A2 – Expanded Rules V1.1


Happy adventuring!


36 Responses to Doom Realm

  1. Nick Farris says:

    Awesome, gonna give it a go soon! Quick question, when does the Kobolds ability activate? Since it benefits the heroes is it once per game or still every combat?? Thanks! Great game!

    • The easiest way to deal with this is to simply shade in two boxes in the corresponding treasure right after setup. The two treasure bonus happens only once and is to simulate the kolbold’s hording nature, so their treasures start out a bit better.

      • Nick Farris says:

        Makes sense, thanks! Finished a game last night, my only other question was with the candle/random encounter where you can explore any space. Does that mean then from that space you can move also?? Like a secret passage? Great, fun little game. Looking forward to future adventures, but I’m gonna play again tonight to try to beat my score πŸ™‚

      • The candle allows you to simply shade in any two hexes on the map that are connects to another shaded hex.

  2. Richard Francis says:

    Can you fill in enemy boxes after they are dead? I am playing NO. Are hero powers that are earned by leveling one shot, or multi use?

    • 1) I would not shade in boxes after a death as you need to add them up for your final score. It is just easier to leave them the way they are at death. This goes for treasures as well.

      2) All special powers are multi-use provided you have the power to use them on your power tracker.


  3. Shar'Tim says:

    pretty neat! seemed harder when I started rolling but I managed to complete it on both plays with 5-7 turns remaining (so maybe it needs to be a bit trickier? I dunno)
    waiting for future adventures now!

    on p1 of the rules, on step 2 of setup you typed ” you must us a different die” I’m guessing it should be “use”
    on p2 of the rules, on combat you typed “swords that you may corrected” I’m guessing you ment collected

    • Thanks for the heads up on the grammar/spelling. I am compiling input from folks and will be updating the rules soon to fix both grammar and make a few things more clear. Also planning an appendix.

      In regards to the 30 rounds. Yes, on average I was beating the game with 5-8 rounds left. I could tighten the number of rounds, but I like the bonus of a points for finishing early, so that is why I have left it this way for now.

  4. ViolentFraggle says:

    There is no mention of what happens when someone mistakenly puts the treasure in the same location where the boss monster is. Any thoughts on how to avoid this rules-wise? Also, movement seems to imply moving forward by way of the shapes you color, but the rules seem to imply that any shaded hex can be visited at any time (so if you fail to defeat an enemy, you can color a new shape the next turn, but still return to the location to try again?

    • During setup you are supposed to use unique dice results. Because of this, you should never have the treasure with the boss key in the same location as the boss.

      I am considering replacing the wording “movement” with “exploration”. Once you have located a location, you can always go there again.

      • ViolentFraggle says:

        “During setup you are supposed to use unique dice results.”

        I was going to type something along the lines of “but you then number on and…” but then I realized that using unique results indeed precludes ever putting the same number in the last treasure and the boss monster. Color (hah!) me stupid. πŸ˜‰

        Thanks for the reply. I am absolutely loving the design. πŸ™‚

  5. Mike Boucher says:

    Hey there; just started trying this out but I have questions on the rules. Sorry for all the questions, but just missing a few things.
    – I’m confusing by when you shade in the boxes. e.g. for the treasure if you roll a 4, you can fill in a box on the 4 treasure, but if you roll 2 4’s can you fill in two boxes, or do you only fill in on subsequent rolls? The one part in the rules that’s totally confusing me is this : “Do not shade in any further boxes once a treasure has been looted, even if you allocate a die there in the future.
    The shaded boxes are used to determine your final score.” i don’t get that – then how do you advance the treasure? And if you advance to a point where you pass more than one reward (like in your example where you have the candle and the locked chest), do you have to open the chest? and next time through you only get the new treasures that you unlock right?
    – I don’t how to unlock the doors, how do you do that?
    – If you play solo are you using all heros? Or just one?
    Sorry for all the questions.
    Only suggestion so far (other than a more detailed rulebook with more examples. πŸ™‚ is that the gold and potion icons look too similar. If it wasn’t for my 8 year old son who was playing with me, I woudl have logged the wrong thing.

    • So you roll 4 dice each turn. Only one die can be assigned to each spot on the sheet, meaning only one can be assigned to the treasure. Once you kill an enemy at a location, you then loot the treasure at that location. You simply gain whatever items are below the shaded in boxes on the corresponding treasure tracker. On future turns you may still assign a die to the treasure you already looted, but you are not to shade in anymore boxes. This is basically throwing the result away. The reason for not shading any further boxes, is because you can only fight an enemy at a single location once and the the shaded boxes are used for final scoring.

      The only way to unlock chests in this adventure is to use the Assassin’s special power.

      You always play with all the heroes on the adventure sheet.

      I plan on re-working the icons for the gold and potion.


  6. Toto le haricot says:

    Hi. In rules, “2) […] Let’s say we used the result of 5 for this. This leaves us with the 6 and the 1.”
    Dices in illustration are 1 – 3 – 4 – 6 ; it should be 1 – 3 – 5 – 6 ?
    Thank you

  7. ViolentFraggle says:

    And then you go off on another try, this time keeping in mind the Ghoul requires you to have a sword. You go and collect said sword (and a lot more loot), hop off to the location where said Ghoul is hiding, dispatch him with ease and then notice the Master Key is in that location. The location that harbors a treasure you haven’t actually filled in up to the Master Key.

    Well f…

    So, let’s try this yet again. πŸ˜›

    • This made me laugh…. I sort of feel bad about it thought… hehe

      • ViolentFraggle says:

        Don’t, it’s awesome. It means you really need to think about where to put those initial dice, and what to do in what order while still not wasting too much time. This is an absolute winner.

        For another fun story: yesterday I beat the game…with a TPK. πŸ˜›

  8. Help, I want to play this!

    I am having a weird issue. I’m not able to print so its usable. Printed 8x and none usable.

    Tried different paper, settings, programs. All same issue, the small writing is unreadable, looks like you scanned an ad then zoomed in to much(but very small). Its like pixilated so you see the words are made of squares.

    The directions came out blury too. Downloaded last night from here. I have printed other stuff ok.

  9. compujet1 says:

    Actually, instead of my trying to explain it, it looks exactly like the picture at top of page.
    I didn’t print that though, I download a file.
    Any ideas? Thanks

  10. elstiko says:

    My son and I love this game, but we think we’re doing treasures wrong. Firstly, we don’t really understand why locks and traps aren’t to the left of the treasures they protect. Secondly, if defeating an enemy means you get the unshaded treasure on the line, does that bypass the locks/traps? Many thanks!

    • elstiko says:

      Just re-read the rules and it’s all clear. Sorry to waste your time!

      • So you saw that you start filling in from the left and work your way to the right and that you actually get the treasures below the shaded boxes. So the more you shade the more you get. If you shade a box above a trap or lock, you then have to deal with it, and only then.

  11. Mike Boucher says:

    How are doors locked? Under boss would help to state that the special key is required to open that location. Loving this!

    • An updated version is in the works. I have received a lot of positive feedback from testers. I am also thinking of doing a nice colored version as an optional download for those that want to print once and laminate.

  12. Just finished my first game. Cool concept. Managed to beat it first time round with 10 rounds left. Forgot about enemy powers until mid game, but that didn’t really change the outcome.

    I had a couple of questions / observations
    – Typos: I won’t repeat the ones listed above. But I did note the following in the note on the boss key. “to ensure your excess to the Boss” should actually be “to ensure your access to the Boss”.
    – I am guessing you can assign a die roll to an area where you defeated the enemy already and effectively burn the die, in the same way you can allocate it to a defeated enemy.
    – The PnP sheet does not mention the +5 points at the end for having defeated the boss
    – Is there a limit to the amount of enemies you can attack in one turn? I know that if you fail an attack you need to wait til the next turn. But what if I want to attack enemies 3 and 5 in the same turn? Is that allowed?
    – When can I upgrade a hero? Whenever I want? Once per turn? That is a little vague.

    • Typos have been fixed and updated rules have been posted. In addition, new Adventure Sheets are available as well, with more info.

      1) You are correct in regards to burning dice. You can burn them on the location, enemy, or treasure if they have been defeated.
      2) You may only attack one enemy per turn.
      3) You may upgrade a hero whenever you want by spending the required gold. You can advance as many heroes you want as long as you have the funds.

  13. bloodyjack says:

    Hi there!

    So am reading the rules and just came to this quote:

    “Locks and Traps must be dealt with before ANY treasure can be looted.”

    Looking at the 4th treasure down on the map sheet, why would you ever assign a die to that treasure past the shield as the only thing past that is a trap?

    This is my first reading of the rules, so am I missing something?

  14. Alan says:

    What is a good score? I got 62 on Doom Real on my first compleated game.

  15. krs says:

    Me an my son (7) very much enjoy playing this.

    We play our own variant of Doom Realm with only 3 dice, (no location upgrades), an I would like to tweak the hero abilities a little. Can you please share what font you used for those?

  16. pez4u2eat says:

    I played through it tonight. I enjoyed it and hope to print and play more soon. Any chance you would have or make a play through video?

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