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January 15th, 2018

The Desolate Insurgence Crowd Sale is LIVE!

For 1 week only you can get Desolate Insurgence, the base game of Desolate, the Dark Matters Boosters, and the neoprene gaming mat for the lowest prices EVER!

This is a one time deal. After a week the prices return to normal. The time is now to get your copy of the critically acclaimed space horror game!

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December 10th, 2018

Desolate Insurgence Crowd Sale Launching in January!


The Crowd Sale for Desolate Insurgence will be launching at the Game Crafter on January 15th!

What is a Crowd Sale?

A Crowd Sale is a fantastic crowd-funding platform in the likes of Kickstarter or others, but with a few differences that make it stand out in my eyes.

1) It is hosted solely by the Game Crafter. This means they host the campaign and then manufacture the orders and ship them directly to you! This keeps costs down and gets games into customer’s hands quickly! I am talking like a couple of months quickly or sooner!

2) There are no stretch goals. There is something better! Often times publishers add a bunch of needless stuff to games with stretch goals just to generate backers. Crowd Sales instead simply lowers the pledge level costs as we gain more backers! Out the gate the game will be discounted a couple of bucks, but as we gain backers, the price will drop… and keep dropping until we reach the reasonable goal of 100 backers, at which point we hit the maximum discount (30% off)!

Your order/pledge is not fulfilled until the end of the Crowd Sale. At this point you pay the final steeply discounted price! Everyone saves the same amount!

Personally as a gamer I would rather watch the cost of the game go down instead of a publisher adding extra bits to a game that should be there from the get go. Desolate is complete. There is no need to add more content. The new sturdier box is great and all print items use 305 gsm black core stock with UV coating.

Crowd Sales just make sense. They allow me to simply sell you a complete game, while allowing us all to watch the price drop! It is a win/win concept!

So be prepared to back at launch on January 15th. In addition to Desolate Insurgence, the Crowd Sale will also include the core game and the gaming mat. Those will also be discounted and they will also drop in price during the campaign. You may also add the Dark Matters Boosters as well, but they will be at there already low set pricing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask below.


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