About Us

NEWGGGLOGO2Grey Gnome Games began its life in the Summer of 2011 as a means for me to self-publish my own game designs. Who am I? My name is Jason Glover and I am board game fanatic of sorts and I have a deep passion for being creative.

I actually started designing board games in the 4th grade, as I was provoked by a great teacher to do so as a creative outlet. That teacher was Mrs. Sullivan, and in hindsight I am pretty sure I was a hard kid to deal with, but instead of ignoring me or being annoyed by me, she found a way to utilize my skill-set. I have been into game design, off and on, ever since.

Another huge impact in my creative life was an old Irish man that lived across the street from me as a kid. His name was Francis Patrick Hennessy and he was a hobbyist artist, piano player, pipe smoker, story-teller, and all out amazing man that became my mentor at the age of 6 and we shared an amazing friendship for decades until he passed at the age of 91. I owe much of who I am to him and he certainly influenced and encouraged my creative endeavors.

This is a sort of a weird “About Us” page for a publisher to have you say?

e7cbdc9f21b5beecf94f881daf0c7265_originalWell Grey Gnome Games is essentially a one man operation. I get a lot of support from my fantastic wife and kids, but I pretty much handle all the design work, graphics, artwork, play-testing, development, marketing, and fulfillment. I am a crazy man!

My desire is to simply create fun and thematic games that get friends and family to the table. Because when we as people unplug from our daily lives and sit around a table and actually look at each other, talk with each other, and laugh with each other, we connect with each other, and that is what life should be about!

Grey Gnome Games was heavily focused on publishing for the first 5 years of its life. I ran roughly 2-3 Kickstarters every year and was constantly working on one aspect of that process. That caught up with me as my plate simply got too full. Now my intent for Grey Gnome Games is to design, design, and design some more. Designing is where my passion is and that is my focus moving forward. Grey Gnome will be cutting back to publishing one single in-house game per year. This will allow me to focus on developing each of our games moving forward to a level we have not achieved yet. At least that is my hope. I will be either publishing additional games on the Game Crafter or pitching them to other publishers.

Thanks so much for being interested in my work and thanks for your support!

Email Address: Gloverart@yahoo.com