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Grey Gnome Games began its life in the late summer of 2011 as a means for me to self-publish my own game designs. Who am I? My name is Jason Glover and I am board game fanatic of sorts and I have a deep passion for being creative.

I actually started designing board games in the 4th grade, as I was provoked by a great teacher to do so as a creative outlet. That teacher was Mrs. Sullivan, and in hindsight I am pretty sure I was a hard kid to deal with, but instead of ignoring me, or being annoyed by me, she found a way to utilize my skill-set. I have been into game design, off and on, ever since.

Another huge impact in my creative life was an old Irish man that lived across the street from me as a kid. His name was Francis Patrick Hennessy and he was a hobbyist artist, piano player, pipe smoker, story-teller, and all out amazing man that became my mentor at the age of 6 and we shared an amazing friendship for decades until he passed at the age of 91. I owe much of who I am to him and he certainly influenced and encouraged my creative endeavors.

This is sort of a weird “About Us” page for a publisher you say?

Well Grey Gnome Games is essentially a one man operation. I get a lot of support from my fantastic family and gaming community, but I pretty much handle all the design work, graphics, artwork, play-testing, development, marketing, and fulfillment. I am a crazy man!


My desire is to simply create fun and thematic games that get friends and family to the table. Because when we as people unplug from our daily lives and sit around a table and actually look at each other, talk with each other, and laugh with each other, we connect with each other, and that is what life should be about!

Grey Gnome Games was heavily focused on publishing for the first 5 years of its life. I ran roughly 2-3 Kickstarters every year and was constantly working on one aspect of that process. That caught up with me as my plate simply got too full. Now my intent for Grey Gnome Games is to design, design, and design some more. Designing is where my passion is and that is my focus moving forward. This will allow me to focus on developing each of our games moving forward to a level we have not yet achieved. At least that is my hope. I will be either publishing games via the Game Crafter or pitching them to other publishers.

Thanks so much for being interested in my work and thanks for your support!

17 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. (posting again because it seemed the first time did not take).

    Hi Jason. First off, congratulations on 10 years, a great accomplishment! Secondly. thanks for making the art assets available. They’re fantastic and very much appreciated. And finally, I love your style. Do you do work by commission? I’m writing an RPG adventure with an Irish mythic theme and am looking for about 20 small B&W drawings (~ 3″ x 3″ or less). Your comment about your Irish neighbour made me think that perhaps there’s a chance. 🙂 Thanks either way.

  2. Anyway to get a copy of the “Desolate: Knuckles Promo Card” and the “Desolate: BFG promo”?

    Thanks. Stay healthy and safe.

    David Knepper
    Huntsville, Alabama 35806-3421

    1. Not as of yet. I may do a promo pack in the future with a bunch of promo cards together for a few different games. I cannot just produce 2 cards at the Game Crafter. I have to do it in sheets of 18, so if I have 18 cards to play with, I will likely make a few new cards as well.

  3. I was looking to quickly get a copy of Tin Helm but the online retailer says it won’t ship until June 20. Do you work through any retailers in Chicago?

    1. I do not unfortunately. All of my games are sold only via the Game Crafter. I do know their queue is longer than normal right now, but typically they do ship quicker than their estimate.

  4. Jason, I couldn’t find your e-mail, so I’ll just post it here. I have been working on and off for the past 10 years on my own RPG rulesystem. I stumbled across your free art assets recently and really loved them. I used just your illustrations for my book, which gave it a great feel and cohesion (and I included your name and website as requested in the book). The book is at the printers right now. Thanks for the inspiring and evocative work you did, and for releasing it for free use!

  5. Hi there, Any chance you will be making any more single page games like the doom game? I really love this game and have played it many times but really would like to see some other solo games in this format?

  6. I adore your solo games. Iron Helm, Desolate, and Gate are all masterpieces. Cannot wait for Tin Helm to arrive! Keep them coming.

  7. Hi Jason. I am enjoying Iron Helm so much. Unfortunately living in the UK shipping, customs VAT etc makes shipping the physical game from the US impossible so not only have I been opened up to your games, I have, by default, been opened to the world of PnP!
    I have been buying the files through PnPArcade. However not all the extra content (adventures packs 5,6, Fanny Pack and Chest Helm) is available as PnP. Are there plans to do this?
    I am sure it would be hugely appreciated by fans outside of the US where local fulfilment isn’t available.
    I did splash out and buy the physical versions of Gate and Tin Helm and am awaiting my order of Gates!
    Keep up the great work.

  8. So, I am using your free images in a game I am designing. I was wondering if you would like to view it before I published it to Drive-Thru RPG?

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