The Dwarves are Coming!

I am happy to announce that the second edition of Dig Down Dwarf will be launching on Kickstarter Monday July 11th. That is this Monday! So I thought I would discuss a few of the new features of the game that make it stand out from its predecessor. I also want to talk about reasons to back the game on Kickstarter and not waiting until release.


So What is New?

cdcdcdcObjective Cards – This new edition will come with 18 Objective Cards. Players will randomly draw 3 at the beginning of the game and these will become a way to score bonus points at the games end. Players decide, as a group, if the objectives are be kept secret or placed up for all to see.

New Artwork – Second Edition comes with clean new graphic design work and artwork throughout. You will still recognize some of the icons and fonts, but the new design is meant to convey a sense of nostalgia.

More Gems – Second Edition comes with 20% more of the shiny gems that made the First Edition such a smash hit!

Six Player Support – With the addition of extra gems and other components, Dig Down Dwarf Second Edition can host up to six players.

New Dwarf Power Cards – These new cards utilize acrylic cubes to track the dwarven skills you have unlocked during the course of the game, instead of rotating the card like you had to do in the older version.

shinyNew Dice Colors – Like the new Dwarf Power Cards, we have listened to the feedback over the course of hundreds of plays since the first Kickstarter over two years ago. One thing I noticed was players not noticing that they triggered a dwarf power, because each dice was a different color and it was too much to keep track of for many. A very simple solution has been implemented. You now roll three black dice and one red die on your turn. The red die activates everyone’s dwarven powers.

New Gem Colors – Another complaint we got was that some of the gems looked alike in color. We made sure to make that a non-issue this time around. Star gems are now really yellow and we are now able to manufacture the gems in black for the cursite (fossilized dragon dung) which further helps distinguish each gem type.

Why Back the Project of Kickstarter?

000000winnerAward Winning Gameplay! Dig Down Dwarf was the winner of the Micro Game Challenge and has since been reviewed and loved by critics and players alike all over the world!

MEGA Discounts! By backing Dig Down Dwarf you will get your copy at a deep discount. The MSRP for Dig Down Dwarf will be $22, plus you are getting a $5 shipping credit (Shipping Included within the U.S.). That means that by pledging now, you will save more than 30%.

Exclusive Content! Some of the stretch goals will add Kickstarter exclusive items!

Stretch Goals! By backing Dig Down Dwarf you will actually alter the outcome of the final game. The more we raise, the more that can be approved or added.

Backers First! We have made it a priority in the past, and will continue to in the future, to ship games to our backers before we open up sales to the public. It is only fair that those that helped make the game happen get their copies first!

Hope to see you all Monday!

Welcome to the new site!

FullSizeRender (98)Hello and welcome to our new site here at Grey Gnome Games. My goal for this new format is to be able to post a lot more content in this blog format. This content will include news, articles, and designer & publisher blogs. My intent is to bring our fans closer to the inner-workings of how we go about business as a small board game publisher.

As some of you may know Grey Gnome Games is primarily a one-man operation. I wear many hats including designer, developer, marketer, researcher, and publisher. Heck, I am also the fulfillment center and the shipping & receiving department. I wanted a way to share all the gritty details of how I go about each process along the way, and this new site format will allow for that. I hope to touch on subjects like manufacturing, design, fulfillment, looking for games to publish, Kickstarter, and more.

12923134_989278021125686_3130829703134855150_nYou may also notice that we now have a new “Shoppe” page where you can see all of our games in one place. You can browse and make purchases here as well. We do not have a shopping cart feature, but you can always bundle purchases by adjusting your purchase amount to include all the items you want on the Paypal Checkout. Simply leave a comment in the notes to reflect which items you want. In the shoppe you will also see that we have added all of our gaming mats and a few promotional items in the Miscellaneous Section.

My plan is to also compile every review and tutorial video for our games on a separate page as well. That will likely be the next thing I tackle. So please have a look around!