Grey Gnome is 10 Years Old!

In September of 2011 I started Grey Gnome Games. The very first project I tackled was an advanced ruleset for Lego Heroica. Oddly that garnered the site many views in the early days. The first actual game I designed from the ground up was Plague the Card Game. The trick-taker would start out sold only on the Game Crafter in the very early years of its existence. I launched my first Kickstarter for Plague in August of 2012 and the rest is history!

Grey Gnome Games has seen many changes over the past ten years. At first I was solely focused on running Kickstarters, but as time passed, the pressure built up, I decided to step away from that format and now all of Grey Gnome’s library of games are sold through the print-on-demand services of the Game Crafter. This allows me to focus just on designing and illustrating and no more of that icky stuff like dealing with overseas manufacturers, U.S. customs, and fulfillment. What a blessing!

How about a quick look at how the logo for Grey Gnome has changed over the years.

I have a lot of plans for Grey Gnome Games moving forward. I want to focus on making designer journals on this site as a way to connect with fans and potentially other designers. All of the free art assets from Indie Conquest have also been moved to this site, so feel free to use them for your own creation. It is just my way of paying it forward.

Please enjoy the following video that celebrates the anniversary of Grey Gnome Games. Thanks again for all of the support over the years! It really has meant so much to me.


3 thoughts on “Grey Gnome is 10 Years Old!”

  1. Congrats on ten years! Here’s to ten more👊🏼
    I look forward to supporting all of your future projects. I’m addicted to Grey Gnome and Jason’s art 🤷🏻‍♂️

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