Indie Designer’s Journal #4 Making Potions & Rogue Dungeon!

In this episode we look at three possible crafting mechanics for making potions and I give you my thoughts on the solo dungeon crawler Rogue Dungeon.

One thought on “Indie Designer’s Journal #4 Making Potions & Rogue Dungeon!”

  1. I like how this potion system is shaping up. What if there were some ingredients that were wild cards. You do not know what the exact effect will be until you combine the ingredients. Each wild card could have a simple chart to roll against once the potion is crafted. That may be difficult from a graphic design standpoint with the 4 rows.

    Also, it looks like you would need to be explicit that only 2 ingredients could be used, or is there opportunity cost in using more than 2? Meaning, if I use 3 ingredients, I make a more powerful potion, but now I cannot use that 3rd ingredient elsewhere, or sell it.


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