Indie Designer’s Journal #5 Making Babies & The Brambles!

In this episode we take a look at a deck-building mechanic that simulates birthing and raising a child into adulthood, discuss the use of public domain artwork in games, and take a look at the solo card game Brambles.

2 thoughts on “Indie Designer’s Journal #5 Making Babies & The Brambles!”

  1. Some random thoughts on the baby mechanism…

    It makes sense to age the cards with the same minimum stats, but that takes time to search, and you could get to a point where nothing matches. If each age has minimum stats, it might be easier to just draw the top 2 of the next age and pick one. If a stat lowers, it could be that they forgot something, or did not exercise enough. Or have 2 face up for each age after baby, then pick one and replace it.

    Shards of Infinity has a second currency called Mastery that you can choose to grow over the game. Some cards have extra powers that trigger when you have more mastery. This makes some cards have the potential to get more powerful as the game progresses.

    If you keep the half heart icons, I recommend swapping the sides they are

    1. I like the idea of drawing 2 and picking 1. That would definitely speed things up! Not sure where this idea is even going or if it will turn into something, but I wanted to share it to get some creative juices flowing and start a conversation.

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